Facebook and Coke

Facebook andwith Special Guests Jim Zeller & Sylvie Choquette on Vocals

"There's a battle going on for your very soul"

Facebook & Coke

with Special Guests Jim Zeller & Sylvie Choquette on Vocals

"There's a battle going on for your very soul"

Thursday, September 5, 2019
The case against Datapharm and the Truth Institute has been thrown out by District Court Judge William Savvy citing irregularities in court procedure and the mysterious disappearance of the prosecution's star witness. 
Journalist Arthur Curtis, who was scheduled to testify on Tuesday at the Medical Practices Inquiry looking into alleged ethics violations, failed to show, effectively killing the prosecution's case. Judge Savvy was left 
no choice but to rule for the defense's request for dismissal.    
In other news Datapharm has released their third quarter earnings showing a rise in profits of 64% over the corresponding period last year due in large part to the high demand for  Utopium~  With the recent acquisition of Cyco Industries and plans for a major expansion of their research and production facilities Datapharm is now setting their sights on global dominance of the drug market.


We interrupt this trash for a message from Truth Brigade. To counter the propaganda, fabrication and outright lies the authorities and their media lackeys have been spewing to the public, we are committed to bringing to light the Real Truth hidden behind the Great Wall of Lies. The recent violence and chaos in Crime City, contrary to the official line, was the work of agents provocateurs sent in by Crime Control and their corporate sponsors to infiltrate the growing protest movement and discredit and incarcerate its legitimate leaders. It has also been the excuse for enacting Draconian laws meant to silence and ultimately destroy dissent. Quite simply, Crime Control is Out of Control, and behind them, pulling the strings, are some of the biggest names in politics, business and finance. The recent merger of the Murdoch and Turner media machines  into this Murdercom network has been the main instrument to disseminate the party line and shape public opinion, and it will be through their own network and vast resources that we will be exposing the inner workings and close connections between the police, the media, and the corporate and banking worlds. The stakes couldn't be higher, so stay tuned for our next transmission when we'll talk with a surprising guest who will reveal the Conspirators' Plans for Total Control of Crime City.  

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013 
It's a hot and humid night in Crime City. The summer of 2013 has been a relatively quiet one with few of the
protests and demonstrations that have plagued the business community and disrupted city life in recent months.
But that was about to change. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013   
An eerie calm has settled over the city. The streets are quiet now after the chaos and anarchy of the last five days. 
Crime Control has promised a crackdown on what Commissioner Crowley called the "socialist element" that he says is 
behind the movement. "We cannot tolerate disorder and lawlessness in our city. Those responsible for this destruction 
will face the full force of the law."   



Frequent power outages were reported throughout the city after what authorities  were describing as an "incident" at the Power Conversion Plant.  Company representatives were unavailable for comment and the story which was first reported on Truthnet has not been picked up by any of the major media outlets. A PCP employee, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the Remote Failsafe System coupled with new security measures recently implemented have exposed gaps in the Active Firewall Units that were designed to thwart any potential threat or intrusion. CEO Anne Payne told the Security Commission that there were no toxic or radioactive leaks and every measure needed to ensure the future stability of the plant had been employed. 

 Weather Control

A journalist goes missing after submitting his story about medical experiments at the state hospital. Repeated attempts
to launch an investigation are thwarted by authorities. Welcome to Crime City . . . a secret society with members in the government, law enforcement, industry and the media who are working behind the scenes to tighten their grip on power.
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